Rental Information


1. Firstly, you can download your rental forms where you may print, complete and email back to to get started. Once Destin Flight Works receives your completed paperwork, we will set up a time block for you to arrive with any additional required paperwork such as:

  • Medical

  • Pilot License

  • Driver's License

  • Proof of Currency (logbook with BFR endorsement, recent check ride, etc.)

  • Insurance (Recommended but not Required)


2. Secondly, we will review your selected aircraft specifications and validate your complete knowledge and safety of the plane. Once complete, you are cleared for flying.

3. Lastly, following your return, Destin Flight Works requires at least one hour in the air with an Instructor. Although, on the day of checkout, Renters will be scheduled for a 3-hour block of time with the Instructor. This is based on proficiency and experience level of Renter.

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