Rental FAQ's

What is the hourly rate to rent Destin Flight Works aircraft?

Please visit our price sheets/rates page for additional info.

How many aircraft does Destin Flight Works offer? What make/models? Glass cockpits?           

Please visit our aircraft page for specifications on all aircraft.

Where would I locate the required forms to rent?

Destin Flight Works offers downloadable rental forms where you may print, complete and email back to to get started.

What do new renters to Destin Flight Works need to bring in?

Medical, Pilot License, Proof of Currency (logbook with BFR endorsement, recent check ride, etc.), Insurance Form, and a Driver’s License.


How long will an aircraft checkout take?

Destin Flight Works requires at least one hour in the air with an Instructor. Although, on the day of checkout, Renters will be scheduled for a 3-hour block of time with the Instructor. This is based on proficiency and experience level of Renter.

Is an aircraft checkout required for each make and model of aircraft?

Yes. Renters will be checked out in either the C-150, C-172M, C-172SP, or C-182T. Destin Flight Works has two C172M aircraft; so the Renter is checked out in one of Destin Flight Works C-172M’s, the Renter will be able to rent either one. Destin Flight Works C-172SP and C-182T with a G1000 cockpit require a separate checkout.


Does Destin airport have an air traffic controller tower?



Does Destin Flight Works reimburse renters for fuel?

Yes; Destin Flight Works reimburses fuel at the current local rates, which change weekly. Renters are reimbursed up to $3.75/gal.

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